Handmade Candles and More

Custom candles

Exceptional Candles

Looking for a specific scent to accent your room? Cant find the specific scent you desire? We will create the right scent to suit your needs and tastes. Let us custom-make a candle in the color and scent you want.
Premier Candle Manufacturing

Potpourri for All Seasons

Experience the botanical sensations of our potpourri products. We use flower petals, pine cones, spices, and oils to delight your senses and help you relax after a long and tiring day.
Long-Lasting Potpourri Scents
Candle party

Parties for All Ages

Party with your kids, your friends, or even an evening out with your sweetheart. Make a reservation for your group outing or ask about our regular events. Call 520-207-6178 today to set an appointment! 
Party Options

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